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Timeless RPG: Character Creation

This is what I’ve put together for character creation so far. You’ll notice it’s based heavily on the process in The Dresden Dresden Files RPG, as it much of the rest of Timeless. This is because I was already using … Continue reading

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Timeless RPG

Recently I began working on my first game, Timeless. This is the first time I’ve ever done more than mess around with some minor mechanics or re-skin something and it’s been an interesting process. Things have been simultaneously easier and harder than I expected. … Continue reading

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Princess Azula

With out further a due, here is her royal scariness, Princess Azula. Azula Affiliations: Solo d10    Buddy d6    Team d8 Distinctions:  Daddy’s little psychopath. Deadly beauty. My wish is your command. Powersets: Fire Bender Prodigy Fire Bending d12    Enhanced Durability … Continue reading

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