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A conversation with Clark Valentine a few weeks ago spawned an idea that just won’t let go of my brain. He said that he’d love to see a game on which dying had real weight built into the rules, not … Continue reading

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Kriegszeppelin X-Wing

I played in a session of the completely awesome Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie by Clark Valentine last night. If you haven’t had a chance to do so, I recommend you rectify this situation immediately. No seriously, right the fuck now. Go on. … Continue reading

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Organizations as NPCs

Earlier today I was working on a FATE Core game idea that requires players to build and lead organizations in a struggle for resources and safety. These organizations will need to come into direct conflict, not unlike armies, so it … Continue reading

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Go Go Power Ferrets!

A friend recently mentioned kinda offhandedly that he didn’t know of a decent rpg based on Super Sentai/Power Rangers or the like. That got me thinking about how you might tackle the group controlled giant robot. The first thing I … Continue reading

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