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A conversation with Clark Valentine a few weeks ago spawned an idea that just won’t let go of my brain. He said that he’d love to see a game on which dying had real weight built into the rules, not … Continue reading

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Princess Azula

With out further a due, here is her royal scariness, Princess Azula. Azula Affiliations: Solo d10    Buddy d6    Team d8 Distinctions:  Daddy’s little psychopath. Deadly beauty. My wish is your command. Powersets: Fire Bender Prodigy Fire Bending d12    Enhanced Durability … Continue reading

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Credit where due

Before I get going on this I have to stop and give credit to the folks/companies that produce my two favorite games. Though I imagine I’ll be preaching to choir a bit here, since if you’re reading this you’re probably … Continue reading

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Attention, this is your Captain speaking…

I’ve been interested in game design and mechanics for some time now, but have never made any attempts myself. Of course the only way to learn is to try, so here I am. I don’t have any desire to try … Continue reading

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