A conversation with Clark Valentine a few weeks ago spawned an idea that just won’t let go of my brain. He said that he’d love to see a game on which dying had real weight built into the rules, not just “Oh drat, I need to make a new character.”
This comment, and playing XCOM and The Last of Us, got me to thinking. What if every time the PCs died, they returned to life completely healed but slightly changed, as if they’re bringing a bit of the “other side” back with them?
The setting would feature a rising tide of ghosts, zombies and other spookies and the PCs have been press ganged onto some sort paranormal focused XCOM unit. Ghost guns, zombie rounds and poorly/hurriedly trained unkillable soldiers? Sounds like a winning combo to me.
I’m thinking of using Savage Worlds for the system, because I want something that handles large numbers of enemies and highly competent PCs quickly. Plus it can be pretty deadly, which is good if part of the game is based around the PCs being killed over and over again.
One thing that keeps me from jumping on the Savage Worlds train is that I don’t particularly like Savage Worlds. If I do go that route, I’ll definitely mess around with the system, possibly stripping out the Edges/Hindrances and Bennies and replacing them with something more like Fate’s Aspects and Stunts. I’m also thinking about Cortex Plus Heroic.
Obviously there’s lots still be to considered and decided on but I needed to get this out of my brain and I thought I’d see if anyone else liked the idea at the same time. As usual, please let me know what you think.

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1 Response to Ghost-COM

  1. dannynat20 says:

    The idea of an X-com game where your soldiers come back from the dead sounds like something I would love to see, but how would you implement the resurrection?

    Would it simply be, soldier dies and pops back to life but with a new friend in tow or would each squad have a designated summoner, like a witch doctor?

    And would it be possible to cure things like possessions? Maybe have them take some time off as the exorcists work their magic?

    And lastly, can you expand on why you would use savage worlds?

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