Kriegszeppelin X-Wing

I played in a session of the completely awesome Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie by Clark Valentine last night. If you haven’t had a chance to do so, I recommend you rectify this situation immediately. No seriously, right the fuck now. Go on. I’ll wait.

Okay, good? Excellent! Amazing right?

So besides the fun of rolling, fast pace dog fighting fun, the game really made me miss the old X-Wing PC games from the 90s. Unfortunately, those are so old I don’t have anything that will run them properly. Instead, my gamer brain immediately begin processing how to make KZV into an X-wing game.

Most of the mechanics work perfectly fine as is (Thanks again Clark) for an X-wing game. You just need a few add ons.

First up, shields.

Shields can be handled as a special type of armor. Say we’ve got  Good (3) Shields and we take a 4 Stress hit. Our shields absorb 3 of the Stress, leaving us with just 1 Stress to absorb. Simple enough right? Well, the thing is in Star Wars, and most space sci-fi in general, ship shields lose their effectiveness as they absorb damage. So when your Shields absorb damage they drop by one. So in our example, when our Shields absorb take that 4 Stress hit, they drop by one, leaving them at Fair (2) Shields.

So that’s the losing effectiveness sorted, but what about the fact that they also regenerate? Well, to regenerate your Shields you simply pay a Fate Point and make a Machinery roll. If you succeed, you restore one point to your Shields. If you Succeed with Style, you restore two points. Easy peasy.

Next there’s a few special weapons you need to work out.

Proton Torpedoes: Take a -2 to your Shooting to for Weapon 2 for one attack.

Ion Cannons: +2 to Create an Advantage when creating an Aspect relating to being short circuited.

Lastly we needs ships. Can’t dogfight without snub fighters!

X-Wing: The rebels’ mainline snub fighter, X-wings are both well armed and agile. +2 to Shooting rolls and +1 to Pilot rolls used to create an advantage when speed is of primary importance. They are also equipped with Good (3) Shields and Proton Torpedoes.

Y-wing: The rebels’ mainline bomber. While relatively slow, Y-wings are extremely rugged and tough. -1 to all Pilot rolls and equipped with Armor: 2 and Good (3) Shields, as well as Proton Torpedoes and Ion Cannons.

Tie Fighter: The Empire’s main snub fighter. Extremely maneuverable but relatively fragile. +2 to all Pilot rolls used to create an advantage when agility is of primary importance.

So there you go. Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie as Star Wars. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

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