Timeless RPG: Character Creation

This is what I’ve put together for character creation so far. You’ll notice it’s based heavily on the process in The Dresden Dresden Files RPG, as it much of the rest of Timeless. This is because I was already using FATE for the system and because the folks behind Dresden put together an amazing process that puts out well rounded, interesting characters with deep back stories. My goal is to create characters with a deep history, full of interesting stories of tragedy and loss. A modified version of the Dresden Files seemed perfect for this.

I went through character creation last week with three players and everything went very smoothly. There were a few hiccups mostly related to logistical issue and the fact two of the players had never made a character in FATE before, but over all we were pretty happy with how it went.

I’ll post the results soon, but for right I present you Timeless’s character creation.

Timeless Character Creation

Step 1: Where did your character come from? Did he grow up as a clan member in the Scottish Highlands? Was she a socialite in Victorian London? Or maybe a whiskey runner during Prohibition? Choose one Aspect that reflects this heritage.

Step 2. What has your character done over the years? Did she her smile capture the heart of a painter? Did he ride with Genghis Khan? Choose two Aspects to reflect your centuries long exploits.

Step 3: The years aren’t kind to anyone and the Timeless have more than most. What have you lost over the years? Did you find your one true love, only to watch her grow old and die? How many sons, daughters and other descendants have you buried? Did you gain vast tracts of land and wealth, only to have them taken from you by invaders? Choose two Aspects to represent the tragedies of your long life.

Step 4: The Timeless are drawn together by fate and cross and recross one another’s path as the centuries pass. When these ageless wanderers come together the results are epic rivalries, romances and tragedies that would make Wagner weep. Choose one Aspect that represents a past encounter with another player’s character.

Step 5: What do you find strangest about this modern world? Men skydiving from space? Global, instantaneous communications? LOLCats? Choose one Aspect about how you don’t completely fit into the world around you.

Steps 6 through 8 deal with selecting Skills, Stunts and Powers. Characters have 30 points for Skills and 7 Refresh for Stunts and Powers. The Timeless are characters with centuries or more of experience, so I want players to have enough starting resources to reflect this.

As usual I welcome any comments or suggestions.

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3 Responses to Timeless RPG: Character Creation

  1. That looks pretty good. The choices for all of the aspects are very evocative and that’s great. My only real question is about your examples. They’re all fairly recent. The highland clans as we know them came about sometime in or after the 6th century A.C.E. Bootleggers and Victorian England are from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, really not that long ago. It’s possible that some bootleggers are even still alive today. Why not reach back further in time? You could have more ancient examples like Roman senators, Chinese generals from the Qin dynasty, an immortal woman who has lived in the Amazon basin for 4,000 years, or even an ancient Babylonian. My initial thought would be to go big or go home with the history of my Timeless. That’s just me.

    • Glad you like it! I tried to come up with something that would grab people’s attentions and spark their imaginations.The examples in the text are pretty much just what I came up with off the top of my head and will change as things move along, but those are all great suggestions.

  2. I’m liking what I’m seeing here.

    A couple of things:
    * Give me an example of someone walking through these questions with a character.
    * I’d change your wording on questions 2 and 3 to something more like the following:

    2. Choose two Aspects that reflect historical moments in your character’s past (which may or may not be known to people in general).

    Example: My character is the one that convinced Custer to stay and fight.

    3. Choose two Aspects that represent two great tragedies or regrets in your life.

    I think these pop a bit more and help direct the players better.

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