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Just write something dammit!

Earlier this evening I read an awesome blog post by Ryan Macklin about why he blogs, and why other people should stick with it. He lists four reasons (Makes you smarter, makes you faster, gives you material, and starts your … Continue reading

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Princess Azula

With out further a due, here is her royal scariness, Princess Azula. Azula Affiliations: Solo d10    Buddy d6    Team d8 Distinctions:  Daddy’s little psychopath. Deadly beauty. My wish is your command. Powersets: Fire Bender Prodigy Fire Bending d12    Enhanced Durability … Continue reading

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Ty Lee and Equalist Chi Blockers

For my second Marvel Avatar attempt I thought I’d tackle Ty Lee and chi blocking. Working out exactly how the chi blocking would shut down bending and traits in general gave me a lot of trouble. I’m not entirely happy … Continue reading

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Marvel Avatars

The following are my first attempts at expressing Aang and Korra, from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra respectively, with the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying iteration of Cortex+. They’re far from perfect, and I’m not satisfied with various elements … Continue reading

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