Permanent Essence and Exalted Power Levels, v2

In my second pass at sorting out the power levels and such I’ve opened up the levels quite a bit, and changed the terminology to something that seems to work better. I’m still unsure about using Second Breath as the name for the newly exalted tier. It’s more evocative than Newly Exalted, but I’m afraid it’s not as clear.

I like the levels being tied to age/experience much better than using the various Exalted power tiers from the stock game, which broke down really quickly once I thought about implementation. Refresh still functions as Permanent Essence and a cap on what kind of powers and effects a character has access to.

I spread the levels apart a fair amount in an effort to emulate how White Wolf’s mechanics scale exponentially and how things get more than slightly crazy at high levels. I’ve never played a FATE game with such a high refresh level, so the levels may expand or contract as I test building characters.

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