Skill List, v2

This is my second (or thirtieth, if you count all the revisions I didn’t post) version of the Skill list. Most of the Social Skills are unchanged from The Dresden Files, as it seemed like the effort to alter them was an exercise in reinventing the wheel. They work fine in DFRPG, so why change them? Several of the Skills had their names changed to fit better in Exalted’s setting.

I ultimately ended up restoring Contacts and Resources as Skills, instead of Stunts. I was hesitant to do so, because there already 24 Skills excluding those two and a character/player only has so many points and slots on the Skill Pyramid. On the other hand, while both are Backgrounds in Exalted, Backgrounds are cheap (or free) in Exalted. Stunts are not. Skills aren’t free either, but the currency used to buy them is much more readily available than that used for Stunts.


Archery (Guns)

Athletics (Athletics)

Awareness (Alertness)


Crafts (Craftsmanship)

Deceit or Manipulation (Deceit)


Integrity (Discipline)


Investigation (Investigation)

Larceny (Burglary)

Lore (Scholarship)

Martial Arts (Fists)

Might: I’m keeping the name Might because I think it’s more evocative than simply Strength.

Melee (Weapons)

Occult (Lore)

Performance (Performance)

Presence: Keeping Presence for the same reason as Might. Also, after a bit of re-examination, it seems Presence is a closer match to Exalted’s Mental Defense Value than Charisma.



Ride: For riding live mounts or First Age mechanical equivalents.

Sail (Driving): As in WW’s rules, Sail will also handle piloting airships and other First Age vessels.

Stamina (Endurance)



Willpower (Conviction)

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