Skills/Abilities and Backgrounds

This is my initial attempt at moving Exalted’s Abilities over to FATE. For the most part this works on a one to one basis, but there are a few exceptions. Some of FATE’s (or more accurately The Dresden Files’) Skills are handled as Backgrounds or Attributes in Exalted, and some Exalted Abilities cover more than one FATE Skill. Exalted also handles many situations with various mixes of Attributes and Abilities that FATE handles with single skills, and most of the combat Skills in FATE are derived stats in Exalted, such as Defense Values.

Alertness -> Awareness

Athletics -> Athletics

Burglary -> Larceny

Contacts -> Background, may be best handled as a Stunt

Conviction -> Since what FATE calls Mental combat is just a part of Social combat in Exalted, there isn’t an exact analogue. The closest is probably Willpower.

Craftsmanship -> Crafts

Deceit -> The Honest/Deceit is handled (poorly) in Exalted as using either Charisma or Manipulation.

Discipline -> Integrity

Driving -> Ride or Sail, depending on the situation

Empathy -> ?

Endurance -> Stamina, as the Exalted Attribute is closer to what the Skill accomplishes in FATE. Resistance, as it is in Exalted, falls more under the trappings of the Endurance Skill.

Fists -> Martial Arts

Guns -> Archery

Intimidation -> ?

Investigation -> Investigation

Lore -> Occult

Might -> Strength

Performance -> Performance

Presence -> Closest to the Charisma attribute in Exalted

Rapport -> ?

Resources -> Also a Background

Scholarship -> Lore

Stealth -> Stealth

Survival -> Survival

Weapons -> Melee

Empathy, Intimidation and Rapport would all be handled as a combination of the various Social Attributes and Abilities in Exalted. These will most likely be kept intact from FATE, possibly changing the names to something that fits Creation better, though they fit fairly well as is.

Exalted’s Backgrounds handle many things that are partially, or entirely, abstracted in FATE. Most of these can remain abstracted or called out in an aspect when relevant to a character. Even Artifacts can be handled this way, with only the most important and impressive being modeled as Items of Power.

Obviously this will take a bit more work and the list is clearly incomplete, but this is a start for now.

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  1. Helmsman says:

    I’m not horribly familiar with DF, but maybe consider looking at other FATE games like ICONS as well. Exalted is kitchen sink, and as such it would be wise to consider more than one approach to the mechanical resolution, and after all Exalted is basically Fantasy Supers, so why not use a Supers game for mechanical templates?

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