An Issue of Theme, pt 2

Looking back at the previous post, and some feedback, I have to admit I missed the mark a bit on Exalted’s themes, or specifically Power Corrupts.

Power Corrupts is definitely a major theme in Exalted, but the Great Curse is not really the main driving force of that theme, simply an element of the theme. History has more than enough examples to prove power corrupts with out any supernatural compulsion. The Great Curse is more like an extra level, giving a bit more oomph to the corruption, but not the sole reason for it.

The Great Curse needs a place in the mechanics some where, but it probably doesn’t need to a particularly prominent one to nudge players towards extreme behavior. I’ve got some ideas on that, but I’ll come back to it later.

With those two themes (hopefully) sorted, I can move on to starting on moving some mechanics. I don’t want to over think the themes, because doing so will probably just generate more confusion than good.

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