Mission Statement

My goal is to successfully convert Exalted and its setting, Creation, to the FATE system.

I want to jettison all of the game’s mechanics, of which there are a lot, and preserve all of the game’s flavor and spirit, which are fantastic.

Mechanically, I want to find a way to model the various different types of characters one finds in Creation and their individual themes and roles. Character creation has to reinforce those themes and roles without feeling restrictive. Charms have to be streamlined and simplified while still being recognizable.

There are also a few quirky bits that have to be balanced very carefully. The Great Curse has to be a real presence in the game, actively tempting the players to give in and act against their own best interests, but not make players feel as if they’re playing some anime flavored Jekyll and Hyde.

Hopefully I can accomplish these goals in a way that satisfies me and, if I’m lucky, my play group. If I’m really lucky, maybe this attempt will satisfy others out there in the ether that have run into the same frustrations as me.

That sounds simple enough, right? Right?!

Also, nothing in this blog should ever be seen as an indictment of the folks at White Wolf in general, or the talented individuals that have and continue to work on Exalted. I’ve talked with a few of them, either in person, through email or on forums, and I have to highest respect for all of them. This attempt is born out of equal parts of personal frustration with Exalted and a desire to make the attempt for the sake of making the attempt.

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1 Response to Mission Statement

  1. Gary says:

    I’ll be following this blog with interest. Exalted 1E was one of my favorite games of all time, just a little system-heavy. Then E2E came out and added so much system it felt more like playing Star Fleet Pokemon Battles than roleplaying.

    I know I could sell my group on FATE Exalted, and that is a setting I would love to GM for again.

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