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Stress Tracks

I currently trying to decide between two different methods of setting up the stress tracks: Spirit of the Century’s method and the method used in Strands of Fate by Void Star. Spirit of the Century style stress tracks The Skill … Continue reading

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Skill List, v2

This is my second (or thirtieth, if you count all the revisions I didn’t post) version of the Skill list. Most of the Social Skills are unchanged from The Dresden Files, as it seemed like the effort to alter them … Continue reading

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Skills/Abilities and Backgrounds

This is my initial attempt at moving Exalted’s Abilities over to FATE. For the most part this works on a one to one basis, but there are a few exceptions. Some of FATE’s (or more accurately The Dresden Files’) Skills … Continue reading

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The Great Curse

I have two mechanics in Exalted that I have a serious love/hate relationship with. One is the Great Curse, the other are perfect defenses. I like the idea and intent behind both, but I’m deeply dissatisfied with how they were … Continue reading

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An Issue of Theme, pt 2

Looking back at the previous post, and some feedback, I have to admit I missed the mark a bit on Exalted’s themes, or specifically Power Corrupts. Power Corrupts is definitely a major theme in Exalted, but the Great Curse is … Continue reading

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An Issue of Theme

To start out I’m going to tackle the issue of Exalted’s theme and how that translates into FATE. What is Exalted’s theme exactly? When you strip away all the mechanics of the game, preconceived notions and assumptions, what is the … Continue reading

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Mission Statement

My goal is to successfully convert Exalted and its setting, Creation, to the FATE system. I want to jettison all of the game’s mechanics, of which there are a lot, and preserve all of the game’s flavor and spirit, which … Continue reading

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